Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wish List

***Greedy Alert***
It is exactly 1 month from my birthday. I have always liked that my birthday and Christmas come so close together, because I really only have to make one "wish list" for both. Whatever still remains on my list after my birthday moves over to my Christmas List. Hubby has been asking, so I happily have obliged by providing him my Birthday/Christmas wish list. Maybe you will find something here to add to your list as well?

With my birthday just before the holidays, it is a perfect time to get all my holiday hostessing needs taken care of!

1) A perfect Thanksgiving day apron from Heavenly Hostess. Really, I love almost all the aprons found on this website! You just can't go wrong!
2) I have already blogged about the fabulous jackets found at Boden... but they have amazing dresses and skirts as well!
3) I have so many lovely platters for Thanksgiving, but I have realized that so many things I bake are in a plain old Pyrex casserole dish! Solution: These beautiful pewter casserole holders from Holland Boone Home... just place your casserole in this for instant beauty and presentation!
4) One of my favorite bloggers, Pioneer Woman,  has just come out with a cookbook with her most deliciously tasty recipes! Yummy

1) Doesn't every girl want to dazzle at all the Christmas parties? How about Diamonds by the Yard at Tiffany & Co? I have been eyeing this beauty for at least a year now.
2) And of course, you want to smell nice when you look nice? I loved "Daisy" by Marc Jacobs when I tested it out at the Nordstrom perfume counter.
3) Another dress from Boden!
4) An adorable Vintage inspired Christmas apron, again, from Heavenly Hostess!

Just a little list to start with.  wink wink


Mama Plett said...

Love Marc Jacobs perfumes! :)

Corinne said...

Oh oh! I have the DIamonds by the Yard bracelet! I LOVE IT!!!