Monday, January 11, 2010

"Blast Off" A Rocket Party

After a few very hectic months... I have been able to return to my "inspirations" and I hope I can find the time to update this lil' ol' blog again, and more often!

I could not allow a birthday to pass without doing something to celebrate. It's simply not in my nature. (Although, I did temper it just a bit...I will save the big stuff for later)
So, after several conversation's like this -
Me: What kind of birthday party do you want?
Quincy: *Silence*

Me: Do you want a Lightening McQueen Party, or a Monster Truck Party, or a John Deere Party?
Quincy: YES!
I sorta gave up... and did what I wanted to do, which was a Rocket Party. I am sure in the years to come, he will have a very definite idea of what type of party he wants to have. So, for now, mommy had her fun!

Rocket Themed decor:

Conveniently, we have tons of Rocket Stuff already because Quincy's bedroom is Retro-Rocket themed. I just strategically placed a few items from his room around the party area. I strung up some silvery stars from the ceiling (also, conveniently left over Christmas decorations I just didn't pack away) and hung some rockets (that will later be launched... a HIGHLY anticipated event for ALL the Williams' family men) to look like they were flying around space. Quincy helped me decorate by tossing some silver star confetti all over the kitchen island. He did great with it... although, eventually gave up on "scattering" them and left a substantial pile of stars on the table. I think we will be finding stars in the oddest places for weeks.

Do you know that very little "Rocket" themed party supplies exist? Why are mother's everywhere forced into throwing horribly boring, cartoon character parties. Not for me, no sireee.
I did however, find these adorable Straws, and that was the extent of it.

Rocket Themed Games:

Ok, This is where my party may have fallen short, but there were only 4 kids, and I just didn't get too creative with the games. I found some crayola space stickers that they could color, which actually did keep them quiet and entertained for about 10 minutes (which is like eternity). The put the stickers up on some poster board paper with a big moon on it. We then used this poster board to play "Pin the Rocket on the Moon". I realized that "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" is the worlds most versatile game. It can be re-created into just about ANYTHING! It was fun... and amused the kids for another 10 minutes.
Some of the "big" kids got into it too.

Rocket Themed Food:
The best part of a themed party for me, is coming up with creative foods to fit the theme. For this party, it was mostly coming up with fun names for everyday foods. Here was the menu:
Star Dippers and Caramel Sauce = Apples cut into star shapes (at least that was the idea) with dip
Intergalactic Veggies = Veggie Platter
Moon Mac n' Cheese = Um... Mac n' Cheese
Cosmic Chili = Pioneer Woman's Chili!
Space Spuds = Baked Potatoes w/ all the fixin's
Alien Goo Sundaes = Blue Jello Cups
Tang! Of Course!
 Had I been really adventurous, I had planned to make corn dogs and stick them into floral foam or something similar to prop them up as "Rocket Dogs"... but, not for this party. Life goes on... we hope.

And the best part of a kids birthday party?
There are so many Rocket Cakes out there... but this was one I found that I thought was cute and do-able:

Find the tutorial here (Theirs is a little bit prettier... please don't judge me too harshly).

Rocket Party Favors:
Ok, These were what I spent most of my weekend working on. It was fun, and something I had long wanted to do... but, man, it was time consuming!
First you make the cookies... then the black outlines... then let them dry overnight.
Then, fill in the blue... let it dry 5-6 hours. Then, fill in the red... let it dry 5-6 Then write the "Q". Allow the entire cookie to dry at least 24 hours before placing into cellophane baggies. Phew. Add cute little "Rocket" Thank You Tags, and VIOLA! Done!

Fleets of Rockets drying before "launch"

I really liked the sugar cookie recipe I found here. But... royal icing is just not tasty. Pretty, but not tasty (and it was even a Martha recipe!). Any one have a better one?

So, there you have it.  During November and December I really had to stop with all the parties because I was so busy at work... what a bummer, that's the best time of year for parties, too. Now, I am hoping that I can get back in the swing of things, and have fun again! :)


Corinne @ The Splendid Stuff said...

You must submit this to a party site. It is AMAZING! :) Those cookies look like something out of a magazine - and I want a piece of cake. :)

Corinne @ The Splendid Stuff said...

I would love that! Keep me posted on dates!!!! :)

csrocketbday said...

Can you please tell me where you got those crayola space stickers? I'm having a rocket party for my son's 3rd birthday, as well!

Thanks for the ideas!